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Zika Safety Concerns Florida

Zika Safety Concerns Florida

Zika Safety Concerns Florida Zika risks maybe on your mind when planning a vacation to Florida.

NO NOTIFIED CASES of Zika were recorded in the FLORIDA KEYS in 2016 when this post was first made.

In 2017, same again NO NOTIFIED CASES of Zika were recorded in the FLORIDA KEYS  

Here at we want to provide you with an easy resource for your research and planning prior to travel to Key Largo in the Florida Keys.

During September-October 2016, anyone listening to the media could not have been aware that there were some Seasonal Cases of disease coinciding with the primary population peaks of Mosquito’s within Florida.

Without being alarmist, these are limited events, and now the Florida authorities are aware, they are reacting very strongly to protect travellers and restrict damage to Florida’s tourist industry.
In 2016 there were NO NOTIFIED CASES of disease in the Florida Keys reported, the nearest incidences were in Miami South Beach about an hour and three quarters away by car.

There is a stronger testing and monitoring regime in place for 2017, with Governor Rick Scott having made response planning that will seek to minimise the chance of risk for visitors.
We feel obligated to pass on safety advice and make you aware so you can take precautions for you and your loved one’s.

The two notifiable diseases are Dengue (very isolated) & Zika (Limited pockets were discovered in Miami Dade county in 2016.
Florida has a Government Department dedicated to Mosquito monitoring and control in all regions of the state.
Since the incidences came to light in 2016, the areas affected have been intensely treated with measures to kill the resident mosquito populations.
You can read more information on the following web site links.

Prevention –
• All travellers can avoid mosquito bites particularly around the peak risk times of dawn and dusk. So wear tropical weight long Pants and Tops if you plan being out particularly at these dawn and dusk times. Maybe consider having a couple of burning mosquito coils under a dining table if you are eating outdoors around dusk positioned on the up wind side of your location.

Try to avoid areas of dense or damp vegetation particularly around the dawn and dusk periods when the mosquitoes are most active. Try to avoid walking through grassy areas as you will disturb mosquitoes laid down in the shade.

If possible, use repellent products that incorporate DEET in as high a concentration as you are comfortable with. DEET is proven to discourage all mosquito species including those that carry these diseases. Even if you do not wish to wear the DEET directly on your skin, you can apply it to wristbands that you can wear around wrists or ankles, or cotton bandanas around hats etc. Locally available ‘Backwoods Bushcutter’ is recommended and available from all chemists and supermarkets.

Please be aware however that DEET can cause DAMAGE TO CLOTHING and PERSONAL EFFECTS through delamination or discolouration of many coatings and finishes to surfaces such as leather sofas, poolside seating, shoes and handbags etc, so spray with great caution, only spray outdoors and DO NOT BREATH and please consider using protective sheets/towels etc when sitting on seating at pools or in the apartment where you know that some cross contamination is possible or likely.

Organic alternatives also exist. Products like Eucalyptus, Citronella and Tea Tree Oils have also been demonstrated to have deterrent benefits, although not as effective as DEET based products.

• There is no vaccination or medication to prevent Dengue or at present Zika.

The good news is that Zika virus is one that the immune system eventually gets rid of and with it the risk is therefore not permanent.  Please research medical sources about the suggested medical precautions which should be taken in months following a visit in an area where there is a risk which might extend for several months after potential exposure.

Women who are pregnant, or who are likely to fall pregnant should seek expert medical advice.

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