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Monkey Jungle Miami

Monkey Jungle Miami

Monkey Jungle Miami is another top pick for families staying with us at our affordable family vacation rental at Kawama Tower 406, Kawama Yacht Club in Key Largo at

Where Humans Are Caged and Monkeys Run Wild is their mantra.

Up close and intimate for visitors in great themed areas that depict quirky and unusual habits of our near relatives.

You’ll witness crab-eating monkeys diving for treats. Then you can immerse yourself into the lush, tropical, Amazonian Rainforest. Filled with dozens of species and hundreds of different exotic monkeys.

Enjoy the antics of the Orangutans of Borneo in the Asiatic Ape Exhibit.

You can experience the Cameroon Jungle where you will meet the Mandrills with their spectacular facial colors.

Parrots of the World is a display where you can meet a host of species, all with different personalities. Some are eager to talk to you, others are sullen. Some sunflower seed bribery helps their interaction !

Throughout the day continuous presentations take place.  Be sure to ask about the Amazonian Rainforest Adventure Tour.

This features a crossing of a stream, and a bridge over a large natural sinkhole. Within this living laboratory the jungle will come alive and guests experience the unique thrill of being surrounded by a large troop of squirrel monkeys and Black Capped Capuchin monkeys. A super special adventure for animal lovers old and young.

There is a timed schedule of feeding and some opportunities for visitor interaction. Guided tours and shows are available across the Monkey Jungle Miami.

Monkey Jungle Miami Hours: Daily 9:30-5. Last admission 1 hour before closing. Rainforest Adventure Tour departs at 10, 12:15 and 2:30. Allow 2 hours, 30 minutes minimum.

Monkey Jungle Miami are situated at 14805 Southwest 216th St. Miami Tel : 305 235-1611

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