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Long Key State Park

Long Key State Park

Long Key State Park is a great excursion spot for families staying with us at our family vacation rental at Kawama Tower 406, Kawama Yacht Club in Key Largo at

We love the canoe trail at Long Key State Park where you will find beautiful beach frontage with clear aquiline seas and some secret little back channels which are loaded with wildlife. Bring your camera ! Generally there’s a rich diversity of vegetation and animal life. The plants are primarily of West Indian or Caribbean origin. Various wading bird species may be observed in the mangrove-lined lagoons, particularly during the winter months. Is it as nice as Bahia Honda ? Perhaps not for the beach although the stretch nearest the camping area is lovely. However the trails are less used and we like wild. In fact the trail where you go along to the left on the Ocean side takes you to some of the best wade fishing for Bonefish in the Keys.

Educational offerings at the park include fun and informative programs on snorkelling, fishing, birding, canoeing, sea turtles, plants, history and the marine ecology of the area.

Three nature trails are also located within the park for visitors who enjoy both walking and canoeing.

  • The “Golden Orb” Trail, named after a native spider, is a leisurely 40-minute walk through several plant communities.
  • The Layton Trail is located on the bayside of the park and takes 15 minutes to walk.
  • The third trail is Long Key Lakes Canoe Trail, which covers a shallow water lagoon. Canoe rentals and a self-guided brochure are available for this hour-long journey.

Picnic areas are available with a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Swimming and some of the best sport fishing in the Florida Keys are popular year-round.

Within the 965 acres site there are also the remains of ancient coral reefs that were formed 100,000 years ago when the sea level was 20 to 30 feet higher.

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