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Legal Vacation Rentals in Florida

Legal Vacation Rentals in Florida

Legal Vacation Rentals in Florida Kawama Tower Kawama Yacht Club as 

Why should I care whether I have booked a fully legal rental ?  

Sally and myself as owner operators at our condo apartment at Kawama Tower 406 , Kawama Yacht Club are able to demonstrate that we are a completely legal rental.

Regulatory Information and cross referencing of ownership :

You may Google us at the Monroe County Government web site  which cross references our property ownership : egov.monroecounty+00090495000406+exley+andrew

You can also check our licenced status by pasting the following link into your browser

You’ll find us listed under my name Andrew Exley under the Florida Department of Business Regulation under the Vacation Rental Dwelling sub section

Importantly for any prospective guest, we are a completely legal rental. Again you can find for Monroe County against our property we hold the latest code compliance exemption for short term rentals of less than 28 days duration (VRE-17-15 status approval) being situated in a ‘gated community’.

For the traveller who thinks they have a property that will meet their needs, you have to be quite careful to check with the owner that they have the necessary Licenses. Particularly at risk are properties as houses and duplexes zoned for Residential Use only. These properties are only legally able to rent for more than 28 days. If they are offering for less than 28 days, then they require a ‘Special Vacation Rental License’. Rentals on all Boats are pretty much ALL ILLEGAL, unless you are literally staying as crew guest and travelling away from the permanent dockage.

We encourage you to do careful research. Everything is out there in the public domain, if you know where to look.

In our region, there are three details to cross reference.

On the website at Monroe County, and you need the property identification number which the owner will provide you with the property parcel together with their family and given names. The owner of your vacation rental should be able to provide you with a link so you can check the registration of their business license.

The owner should also be able to demonstrate that they have a VRE 17/15 Short Term license exemption if you are renting for less than 28 days.

This is also recorded with Monroe County. Our’s is in a letter, but these will be digitalised once Monroe catch up.

The third piece of detail you can cross reference is at :

You need the license number from your respective owner and they should be able to provide you with a link so you can check the registration of their business license also.

Hope that helps so you enjoy a safe and stress free Vacation Rental.

Events at the end of April in Tallahassee will hopefully bring relief eventually, although at the pace of government, this will take too long.

A bill that would make it easier in Florida to lease property as a vacation rental is headed to the state Senate.

The House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill on Friday (63-56) that blocks city and county governments from regulating short-term rental homes differently than residential properties.

Lawmakers representing tourist-heavy districts were against the bill (HB 425) because of parties and disturbances. Many during debates on Thursday and Friday cited problems with properties in beach communities. Those supporting the bill say it protects property rights.

The bill also requires owners to submit a copy of the rental license, certificate of registration and emergency contact information to local governments for information purposes only and at no charge.

It now heads to the Senate, where a similar measure made it through all three of its committee spots.


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