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Key Largo Kayak ‘Out There’

Key Largo Kayak 'Out There'

Key Largo Kayak ‘Out There’  

There are a number of Key Largo Kayak Expedition and Rental operators. One of the unique things we have enjoyed about KC’s trips are some of the variant’s that they introduced from just regular land based origin point rentals and tours.  So the essence of the ‘Out There’ with KC’s Key Largo Kayak is a real adventure expedition. If you come to Key Largo you have to experience one of their trips.

You’ll see in some of the description below how they take you off in a boat with the Kayak’s strapped to the boat, and you begin your escorted tour after zipping along on the boat in one of the hinterland regions of Key Largo.

This is great because it not only connects you with the real wildlife and nature of the Keys in more off the beaten path areas, it also allows you to explore with a tour guide who really understands the nature in these rich areas of diversity. It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, one of Key Largo’s tremendous features is the complex topography with these really amazing tunnel creeks through the mangroves in so many of the districts around the vicinity. There’s some super areas that spur from the main South Creek where boats can go so far, and then it’s really Kayak access only. Similarly on the Everglades side of Florida Bay there are similar unique spots. If you find our nature Gallery page you can see a few of the inhabitants of these areas….and you are going to be able to see it all at really close quarters.  You can even take a snorkel and mask, and then you’ll also see all the Tarpon and Snook laid up in the back roots of the enclosed Mangrove Creeks. there are places where you cannot even get a Kayak through to, and they are loaded with fish !

Captain K.C. Stuart Tel: 305 394 1158

Daily departures from Dolphin Plus, mile marker 102 bayside Key Largo.

Discover the beauty of the back-country of Florida Bay and Everglades National Park, and enjoy The Florida Keys kayaking adventures.

The basic Key Largo Kayaking tour is “The Gilligan.” a three-hour tour.

These trips depart from Dolphins Plus Bayside, at: 8:30 a.m.:12:00 noon:3:30 p.m.

“The Gilligan” is a three-part adventure, a spectacular 45 minute boat ride Out There, over an hour of paddling and exploring, and the return boat ride. This is the most popular of our Key Largo Eco tours.

Stranding on a tropical island is negotiable!

The actual trip time varies depending upon weather conditions, number of paddlers aboard, and other factors, but is a minimum of three hours, and a maximum of four hours from departure to return. There are also Reef Trips, Fishing Trips  Sunset Trips,

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