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Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

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Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail Map

What could be healthier than sunshine, exercise and breezes in the fresh air whilst taking in all the azure beauty that surrounds.

If you like to walk or cycle, or even if you don’t ! One of the most intuitive ways of really connecting with nature and your surroundings in the Florida Keys is to leave the Jam Jar behind and take to Shanks’s pony!”.

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail (FKOHT) features more than 90 linear miles of existing trail paved in segments along a planned, 106-mile corridor from Key Largo (Mile Marker 106.4) to Key West (Mile Marker 0.) Much of the remaining trail is now in design or under construction by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation through a federal grant program for alternative transportation.

The FKOHT is a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian trail that parallel’s the Overseas Highway.

Rightly recognised a National Scenic Highway and All-American Road, this recreational pathway incorporates 23 of Flagler’s historic Railroad bridges. The amenity offers a scenic venue for hiking, running, bicycling, skating, sightseeing, fishing and kayaking. Please note that a few fishing bridges in this area have been closed for safety purposes. They are the Ohio-Missouri, Ohio-Bahia Honda, Missouri-Little Duck, Lower Sugarloaf, and Niles. These bridges are part of Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway built around the turn of the century. At older than 100 years of age, the bridges are no longer used for transportation. The next closet bridge area for the public to fish from is on US 1 at MM 40, at the west end of the Seven Mile Bridge.

The existing FKOHT is paved in segments along the corridor from Key Largo to Key West, with the longest, continuous section of paved trail currently located in the Upper Keys between MM 106 at Key Largo and through MM 72 at Islamorada, Village of Islands.

The trail offers access to many points of interest and ecological resources throughout the Keys, including the Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, The Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge, Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge, Crocodile Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Key West National Marine Sanctuary, as well as 10 state parks. There are many opportunities to explore along the route.

Bike Rental

One of our favourite things to do is rent bikes and ride them to breakfast and then around the island, followed by a lazy, relaxing afternoon lounging at the pool or at the Oceanfront. The only worry in the world is if the sea breeze might disturb your hat !

Sometimes we take them further afield and explore somewhere new.

Although we don’t leave them out because of the liability issues and none of us are built the same, there are several places where you can rent them locally very economically. The company’s mentioned also offer a drop off and pick up service. Importantly, they are also fully insured from the liability perspective and they keep the cycles 100% mechanically reliable.

All Keys Cycles and ; Key Largo Bike and ;

All Keys Cycles and ;
Key Largo Bike and ;

Key Largo Bike 305 395 1551 Contact : Mark

MM92 Bayside where the Ace hardwear store is (Tavernier) $18/day for a cruiser or $75/week Free drop off/pick-up.

All Keys Cycles, Pink Plaza in Key Largo.

103400 Overseas Hwy Suite 105, Key Largo, FL 33037

(305) 453-6221 Steve

Open Weekdays 9am-6pm,Saturday 9am-5pm,Sunday Closed Cruiser $20/day or $90/week

He was indicating $15 Drop off and Pick-up, but when I mentioned about Key largo Bike rates he agreed to forget the drop off charge and sounded negotiable on pricing also.

Rates include helmets and baskets.

Rent our holiday rental condo

Stay at our holiday rental apartment to enjoy all that Key Largo and Florida have to offer.

Contact us for details and to book.

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