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Florida Keys Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing A quick guide to catching a ‘Grand Slam’.

Whether a casual occasional fisherman or serious angler, a fly-fisherman or a spin tackle angler, there are a variety of exciting, fast swimming game fish waiting to be caught.

At Kawama Yacht Club Key Largo fishing is available:

    • At the end of the jetty
    • For something different, try near the rock breakwater to the left of the beach – set baits out on low incoming tide for Tarpon – take the wife with a book, the chill box and a few beers.
    • For the more adventurous fisherman – wading off beach to left or to the right in front of the mangroves for Bonefish – detailed  directions and instruction from Andrew are available separately.

For the serious fisherman, you’ve travelled to your vacation getaway, you do not know the waters, do not have the specialist equipment for catching Keys fish or know which the bait or tactics work best. Employing a guide will ensure you have the best opportunity the day can allow.

He knows the waters intimately, not just this season, but countless seasons before. So he knows day by day the tactics, and approach. What bait or fly was working yesterday and at what stage of the tide and where.

I can vouch for the fact that for many species the fishing is as good as it was 20+ years ago as most inshore species are fished on a strict catch and release basis, and the majority of anglers in the near shore waters exercise a conservationist approach.

Finding a good guide is not easy. There are many to be found up and down the Keys and although they mostly all charge the same price – they vary in quality – as I found to my cost in my early years of fishing the Florida Keys.

They all look professional and talk a good story – but unfortunately as long as you join one of the local guide “Unions” locally, anyone with a boat and equipment can call themselves a guide.

I only fish one local guide; his name is Randy Stallings

Randy has an ultra shallow drafting Hells Bay 18′ Skiff and a larger Bay Boat. He can take parties of 1 or 2 people on this boat and up to 4 people if there’s a group of you who want to share on the larger Bay boat.

    • With the Hells Bay he can get into 6” of water for Reds and Bonefish.
    • He also uses this craft to sight-fish Tarpon in season.
    • He uses the larger boat for either trips to the Reef-Line and Patch Reefs or the Florida Bay and interior bay/coastal river areas to fish for everything from Tarpon and Sharks to Redfish, Trout and a host of other species.
    • He’s very knowledgeable, hard working, and professional in approach.
    • All bait & tackle is provided being the highest quality equipment, and he keeps all his reels well spooled and ready to go. He is also fully licensed and insured.

    He lives within 5 minutes of Kawama so will come and pick you up – a great bonus allowing the rest of your party to not to tie up their day around your fishing trip.

    Randy’s details can be found below:

    Captn Randy Stallings,
    Cell : +1 305 587 0307
    email :
    website :

    If you tell Randy you found him through Andrew Exley referral and you are a guest at Kawama, he’ll give you a break on pricing.


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