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Florida Bay Outfitters Paddle Sports Center

Florida Bay Outfitters Paddle Sports Center

Florida Bay Outfitters Paddle Sports Center

Offering free pick-ups and drop-offs with Kawama Tower, Kawama Yacht Club which makes Florida Bay Outfitters Paddle Sports Center a super choice. All the equipment they supply has full liability coverage, they keep their equipment modern and current, and all necessary safety equipment is inspected and provided with each excursion.

From their own location, they offer tours to suit every visitor from dipping your toe in for a couple of hours to a fully committed Full Day Trip.

2 Hour Paddle Board : 3 Hour Dusenbury Creek (Kayak or SUP) : 3 Hour Full Moon : 3 Hour Garden Cove (Kayak or SUP) :Full Day Hobie Island Sailing : Full Day 7 Mile Bridge

We recommend this operator for exploratory Kayak trips – knowledgeable hosts, fun trips, well done that include transport to more distant launch locations within the tour.

With wildlife viewing nothing is guaranteed. However, depending on time of year and tour taken which you just need to discuss and research, you’ll have the opportunity for interaction and viewing with the abundance of wildlife at close quarters.

The Florida Keys becomes a wintering home for some Florida Manatee. The Dusenbury Creek area has attracted a number of wintering manatees with its sheltered, deep warm creeks. Although not considered a wilderness area, Dusenbury makes boundary for the Everglades National Park. It is not guaranteed, but your chances of spotting a manatee in the wild while paddling this unique area is about 75%. Bottlenose Dolphin are also sighted regularly. Whether or not you see any of these gentle giants, your trip is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

We also love the fact that they offer their night time full moon Kayak trips. You want a guide with you because it gives that little added security. But you are going to see some really cool stuff that you only see at night. There’s an incredible beauty about every paddle stroke leading to the phosphorescent plankton lighting the water yellowish green. Or being able to catch glimpses of Ocean life drawn to a flashlight that you never see by day. And the whole scene bathed in the silver reflective Moon. A memory you will never forget !

Full day excursions sailing among the backcountry islands of Florida Bay.

Protected by the Everglades National Park, the mangrove islands are set aside for the nesting birds and turtles that inhabit the area. Landing is prohibited except for a few chosen islands that are designated special use. North Nest Key, found on the eastern end of the bay is one designated site. Surprisingly few people take advantage of this unique area. The nearby American Crocodile Sanctuary may give you the opportunity to see one of these endangered and rare species. Manatees, Dolphins, Rays, and Sea Turtles may also be encountered. The backcountry is also a wintering home of the American Bald Eagle, Roseate Spoonbill and White Pelican.

Located in the middle keys stretching seven miles west out of Marathon is a scene from the Old Flagler Railroad. The old 7 Mile Bridge as well as the new Overseas Highway adds an artistic flare to the scenery while you paddle the tropical waters that flow under its span. Small tropical islands, rich marine life and historical adventure await as you explore the open water crossing that most people only see from their vehicles. Included in the tour is a stop at Pigeon Key. A quaint little island village that has been restored by the Pigeon Key Foundation. This museum of historical buildings is also a classroom for marine environmental sciences and a research facility.

There will also be time to relax on the beach and have a picnic lunch.

Florida Bay Outfitters Paddle Sports Center is situated at Address: 104050 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037, United States

Phone: 305-451-3018

Specialising in Key Largo kayak rental, paddleboard rental, eco-tours, paddleboard sales, kayak sales and service and everything you need for the paddler lifestyle.

Next to the famous Caribbean Club! Paddle right out to the bay from one of the best launching sites around!

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